Camber boards are your traditional snowboard shape, camber is manufactured into the board in order to give it pop (springiness). This is to aid when carving your board down the mountain as it helps to transfer from edge to edge and to push the edge of the board into the snow and make a turn. It also gives you pop in order to 'ollie' the board.

4 products
  1. DC Mega 2019 Snowboard - 150cm

    DKK 3,547.00 DKK 2,475.00

  2. DC Ply 2019 Snowboard - 150cm

    DKK 2,722.00 DKK 1,815.00

  3. DC Ply 2019 Snowboard - 153cm

    DKK 2,722.00 DKK 1,815.00

  4. DC PBJ 2019 Snowboard - 157cm

    DKK 2,475.00 DKK 1,650.00