Globe Shoes

Selecting the very best in skateboard footwear and bringing it to you first, we offer the latest silhouettes and colourways from skate shoe heavy hitters Adidas Skateboarding, Nike SB, Vans, Lakai, Etnies, DC and many more. Whether you're looking for mids, lows, vulc, cup, canvas or suede, you won’t be disappointed!

18 products
  1. Globe Fusion Skate Shoes - Drizzle Grey/Black

    DKK619.00 DKK495.00

  2. Globe Sabre Skate Shoes - Black/Charcoal/Woodsmoke Brown

    DKK701.50 DKK536.50

  3. Globe Tilt Skate Shoes - Black/Black/Red

    DKK536.50 DKK454.00

  4. Globe GS Skate Shoes - Black Hemp

    DKK412.50 DKK330.00

  5. Globe Motley Skate Shoes - Chestnut

    DKK412.50 DKK330.00

  6. Globe Willow Skate Shoes - Indigo Hemp

    DKK454.00 DKK371.50

  7. Globe Willow Skate Shoes - Burnt Olive Canvas

    DKK454.00 DKK371.50

  8. Globe Chase Skate Shoes - Charcoal

    DKK454.00 DKK247.50

  9. Globe Willow Skate Shoes - Black/Woodsmoke Brown

    DKK454.00 DKK330.00

  10. Globe Mahalo Skate Shoes - Black Twill/Olive

    DKK536.50 DKK371.50

  11. Globe Willow Skate Shoes - Black

    DKK412.50 DKK289.00

  12. Globe Mahalo Skate Shoes - Black/Gold

    DKK454.00 DKK289.00

  13. Globe Motley Skate Shoes - Black/Black/Phantom

    DKK412.50 DKK247.50

  14. Globe Mahalo Skate Shoes - Black Twill/Brown

    DKK454.00 DKK247.50

  15. Globe Motley Skate Shoes - Black BTS

    DKK412.50 DKK247.50

  16. Globe Motley Skate Shoes - Black Suede

    DKK412.50 DKK247.50

  17. Globe Mahalo Skate Shoes - Dark Earth/Walnut

    DKK454.00 DKK247.50

  18. Globe Roam Lyte Shoes - Black/Grey/Charcoal

    DKK577.50 DKK165.00