DC Shoes

Selecting the very best in skateboard footwear and bringing it to you first, we offer the latest silhouettes and colourways from skate shoe heavy hitters Adidas Skateboarding, Nike SB, Vans, Lakai, Etnies, DC and many more. Whether you're looking for mids, lows, vulc, cup, canvas or suede, you won’t be disappointed!

45 products
  1. DC Trase LE Skate Shoes - Black/Armor/Black

    DKK585.00 DKK315.00

  2. DC Trase TX Skate Shoes - Black/Black/Black

    DKK360.00 DKK315.00

  3. DC Tonik TX Skate Shoes - Brown/Dk Chocolate


  4. DC Tonik TX Skate Shoes - Navy/White


  5. DC Crisis Skate Shoes - Navy/White


  6. DC Course 2 SE Skate Shoes - Navy/Blue/White

    DKK621.00 DKK360.00

  7. DC Heathrow Vulc Skate Shoes - Black/Black/Dk Grey

    DKK675.00 DKK540.00

  8. DC Heathrow Skate Shoes - Navy/Gold

    DKK585.00 DKK495.00

  9. DC Plaza TCS Skate Shoes - Black/Athletic Red

    DKK540.00 DKK405.00

  10. DC Switch Plus S Skate Shoes - White

    DKK540.00 DKK405.00

  11. DC Tonik Skate Shoes - Grey/Pink


  12. DC Trase SD Skate Shoes - Light Pink

    DKK495.00 DKK360.00

  13. DC Trase TX Skate Shoes - Black/Gum


  14. DC Thiago S Skate Shoes - White/Navy

    DKK720.00 DKK540.00

  15. DC Lynnfield S Skate Shoes - Black/White

    DKK513.00 DKK405.00

  16. DC Heathrow SE Skate Shoes - Grey/Grey/White

    DKK675.00 DKK450.00

  17. DC Trase TX Skate Shoes - Black/White

    DKK360.00 DKK315.00

  18. DC Course 2 Skate Shoes - Black/Olive

    DKK621.00 DKK360.00

  19. DC Crisis High WNT Skate Shoes - Wheat/Dark Chocolate

    DKK711.00 DKK450.00

  20. DC Crisis Skate Shoes - Black/Armor

    DKK531.00 DKK315.00

  21. DC Heathrow Shoes - Navy

    DKK495.00 DKK360.00

  22. DC Tonik Skate Shoes - Military

    DKK495.00 DKK315.00

  23. DC Council SE Skate Shoes - Olive

    DKK621.00 DKK315.00

  24. DC Crisis SE Skate Shoes - Navy/Blue/White

    DKK585.00 DKK405.00

  25. DC Evan Smith S Skate Shoes - Military/Black

    DKK585.00 DKK360.00

  26. DC Net SE Skate Shoes - Grey Resin Rinse

    DKK621.00 DKK360.00

  27. DC Pure SE Skate Shoes - Black/Charcoal

    DKK675.00 DKK450.00

  28. DC Spartan High WC Skate Shoes - Grey/Green

    DKK675.00 DKK450.00

  29. DC Spartan High WNT Boots - Black/Olive

    DKK765.00 DKK450.00

  30. DC Spartan High WR Boots - Wheat/Dark Chocolate

    DKK981.00 DKK450.00

  31. DC Switch Plus S Skate Shoes - Grey/White

    DKK531.00 DKK360.00

  32. DC Switch S Skate Shoes - Black/Black

    DKK513.00 DKK360.00

  33. DC Tiago S Skate Shoes - Black/White/Red

    DKK711.00 DKK450.00

  34. DC Trase Skate Shoes - Black/Red/White

    DKK513.00 DKK315.00

  35. DC Woodland Boots - Wheat

    DKK873.00 DKK405.00

  36. DC Woodland Boots - Black/Black/Grey

    DKK873.00 DKK360.00

  37. DC Tiago S Skate Shoes - Brown/Tan

    DKK720.00 DKK315.00

  38. DC Evan Smith S Skate Shoes - Tobacco

    DKK585.00 DKK360.00

  39. DC Switch Plus S Skate Shoes - Black/White

    DKK540.00 DKK360.00

  40. DC Plaza TC S Skate Shoes - Black/Oxblood

    DKK540.00 DKK360.00

  41. DC Tonik Skate Shoes - Black/Black

    DKK540.00 DKK315.00

  42. DC Tonik Skate Shoes - Navy

    DKK495.00 DKK315.00

  43. DC Heathrow Skate Shoes - Black/Black/Black


  44. DC New Jack S Skate Shoes - Black

    DKK585.00 DKK270.00

  45. DC Trase TX SE Skate Shoes - Navy/White

    DKK405.00 DKK180.00