The Sustainable Route

Our Sustainability Statement

Our Operations

We only have one planet and we have a duty to protect rather than squander it. That means considering the impact of everything we consume, making sure we take, use and waste less of the world’s finite natural resources. From recycled toilet paper to returnable glass milk bottles, at Route One we are constantly finding ways to reduce our footprint and support circular business models. However, we know we can be better, so we will continue to question convention and find ways to make our operations more sustainable.

Engaging Customers

We want to make it easier for our customers to be environmentally and socially conscious whilst continuing, as always, to enjoy the skate and snow scene. Therefore, we've developped a new sustainable section of our website, through which you can shop sustainably or use our brand sustainability platform to find out about what our suppliers are doing to drive sustainable change. We hope this will give the consumer greater control over what they buy and the impact that it has. Knowledge is power!


We’ve introduced 100% recyclable paper bags in our stores to replace the plastic carriers that require oil to make, threaten wildlife and pollute our planet. Plastic carrier bags are used, on average, for 12 minutes, but they have a life expectancy of up to 1000 years! And we use around 13 BILLION of them each year in the UK alone. We decided we didn’t want to be part of that figure, so we happily made the switch to paper bags that can be recycled, scribbled on or filled with food scraps and composted.

There are still further improvements to be made and we're currently switching to 100% biodegradeable and recyclable sturdy paper mailing bags for on-line purchases.


Look out for our Deckcycle scheme, now running across all Route One stores! We’re offering £5 off a new deck to anyone bringing in their old and broken decks to be recycled.

Around 2 million skateboards end up in landfill each year in the USA! On that basis we estimate that 350,000 end up in landfill in the UK. We want to stop this waste and instead up-cycle skateboards, reducing the strain put on our planet and its natural resources, whilst also supporting local grassroots organisations.

Recyclable Skate Bag.jpg

What happens to the decks?

In partnership with re:ply skateboards, a recycling project started in a garage in Glasgow by a group of fanatical skateboarders, we transform the pre-loved boards collected in our stores into new decks, jewellery and deck-art. See re:ply's process of rejuvenating an old deck below!

It's not just skateboards that get recycled. Across our head office, warehouse and stores we try to ensure that no unnecessary waste is sent to landfill. Our main goal is reducing the waste we produce in the first place and then re-using and recycling wherever possible. We sort un-sold or faulty stock into groups to either be auctioned for charity, donated or recycled.


When our warehouse, office and store lights need replacing we are installing energy efficient LED bulbs and motion sensors to limit energy waste. We are also looking into alternative energy providers to cut down on our carbon footprint overall.

Our Delivery Couriers

Our most widely used courier service, DPD, is committed to making every parcel carbon neutral. They do this by measuring and reducing their CO2 emissions and then offsetting remaining emissions with carbon credits. 

Selecting our CollectPlus delivery option has environmental benefits too! Many parcels can be delivered from our warehouse to a collection point in one journey and there is no need for multiple trips due to unsuccessful first-time deliveries.

Our Supply Chain

Positive change starts with a commitment to openness, so our Sustainability and Ethics team are working closely with our suppliers to deliver the level of traceability that we aspire to. The nature of the retail industry makes it difficult to trace the supply chain from farm to factory to retailer. The main issue lies in the lack of standardisation, as information is exchanged between various parts of the supply chain. We are committed to addressing this problem and getting greater transparency and traceability from our partners. Currently, we are drafting an Ethical Trading Policy, Chemical Compliance Report, Modern Slavery Statement, and Transparency Pledge. We will share this information with you shortly and measure our suppliers against these goals.

If you have any further questions about Route One’s social and environmental responsibility, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sustainability Projects Team at


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