Supra has been known to fuse music, skateboarding, art and fashion forward thinking with the way they design their products. Supra Footwear continues to push the envelope with their skate shoes by adding cutting-edge technology and contemporary design.

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  1. Supra Noiz Shoes - Black


  2. Supra Stacks II Skate Shoes - Amber/Gold/White


  3. Supra Stacks II Vulc Skate Shoes - Black/Gum


  4. Supra Hammer Run Shoes - Black/Blue Print/White

    DKK585.00 DKK450.00

  5. Supra Locker Slides - Black

    DKK315.00 DKK180.00

  6. Supra Locker Slides - White

    DKK315.00 DKK180.00

  7. Supra Hammer Shoes - White/Gum


  8. Supra Chino Skate Shoes - Burgundy/Khaki/White

    DKK540.00 DKK270.00

  9. Supra Ellington Vulc Skate Shoes - Black/Gum

    DKK630.00 DKK405.00

  10. Supra Cuba Skate Shoes - Dark Grey/Gum

    DKK495.00 DKK405.00

  11. Supra Ellington Skate Shoes - Olive/White

    DKK630.00 DKK450.00

  12. Supra Ellington Skate Shoes - White/Gum

    DKK630.00 DKK450.00

  13. Supra Ellington Skate Shoes - Light Grey/White

    DKK630.00 DKK540.00

  14. Supra Stacks II Skate Shoes - Off White/Grey Ice


  15. Supra Locker Slides - Red

    DKK315.00 DKK180.00

  16. Supra Ellington Skate Shoes - Black/White

    DKK630.00 DKK360.00

  17. Supra Vaider Skate Shoes - Black/White

    DKK810.00 DKK360.00

  18. Supra Skytop D Skate Shoes - White/White

    DKK675.00 DKK405.00

  19. Supra Skytop Skate Shoes - Black/White-White

    DKK810.00 DKK360.00

  20. Supra Skytop Skate Shoes - Black/Croc-White

    DKK810.00 DKK405.00

  21. Supra Ellington Vulc Skate Shoes - Grey/Black/White

    DKK630.00 DKK315.00

  22. Supra Hammer Run Skate Shoes - Olive/Black


  23. Supra Stacks Vulc II Skate Shoes - Olive/White

    DKK495.00 DKK315.00

  24. Supra Stacks Vulc II HF Skate Shoes - Black/White

    DKK495.00 DKK270.00

  25. Supra Shifter (Lucien Clarke) Skate Shoes - Black

    DKK540.00 DKK270.00

  26. Supra Stacks Vulc II Skate Shoes - Mahogany/White

    DKK495.00 DKK270.00

  27. Supra Stacks II Skate Shoes - Brown/Red-White

    DKK450.00 DKK180.00

  28. Supra Vaider Skate Shoes - Lt Grey/Brilliant Blue-White

    DKK675.00 DKK360.00

  29. Supra Stacks II Skate Shoes - Black/Black

    DKK450.00 DKK315.00

  30. Supra Stacks II Skate Shoes - Black/Red/Black

    DKK450.00 DKK270.00

  31. Supra Stacks II Skate Shoes - Black/White

    DKK450.00 DKK270.00

  32. Supra Bandit Skate Shoes - Brown/Red Herringbone/White

    DKK585.00 DKK180.00