Known for bold all over prints alongside the iconic script logo, the HYPE range has expanded to include not only t-shirts but sweatshirts, sweatpants, caps & beanies, with the popular addition of the HYPE backpack to complete the range.

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9 products
  1. Hype Patchworx Backpack - Multi

    DKK225.00 DKK135.00

  2. Hype Explorer Jacket - Khaki

    DKK720.00 DKK495.00

  3. Hype Fishtail Pullover Jacket - Black

    DKK360.00 DKK225.00

  4. Hype Flec Crest Crew - Grey Blue Flec

    DKK360.00 DKK135.00

  5. Hype Old Type Backpack - Olive

    DKK225.00 DKK135.00

  6. Hype Ocean Haze Backpack - Multi

    DKK225.00 DKK135.00

  7. Hype Slime Foil Backpack – Multi

    DKK270.00 DKK135.00

  8. Hype Sky Foil Backpack - Multi

    DKK270.00 DKK135.00

  9. Hype Flec Crest Pullover Hoodie - Grey Blue Flec

    DKK405.00 DKK180.00