Grit Scooters are one of the forerunners of the extreme scooter scene and have been creating some of the best tech for the past few years. Stylish colourups and unique designs Grit have also been keeping their scooters looking just as good as they are to ride.

5 products
  1. Grit Atom Complete Scooter - White

    DKK 618.00

  2. Grit Fluxx Complete Scooter - Ghost Grey

    DKK 1,072.00

  3. Grit Elite Complete Scooter - Sky Grey

    DKK 1,320.00

  4. Grit Elite Complete Scooter - Rose Gold/Black

    DKK 1,320.00

  5. Grit Elite Complete Scooter - Satin Black/Blue Laser

    DKK 1,320.00