If you are looking for elbow, knee, shin or hip pads, then Footprint has you covered. Not only do they protect your arms and legs, but also are the leading insole brand for protecting your feet, knees and help the alignment of your ankles.

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  1. Footprint Mark I Skate Shoes - Black/Forever Cap

    DKK 577.00

  2. Footprint Mark I Skate Shoes - Grey/Black

    DKK 577.00

  3. Footprint Sentinel Skate Shoes - Grey

    DKK 577.00

  4. Footprint Camo Gamechangers Insoles

    DKK 325.00

  5. Footprint Kingfoam Flat 3mm Insoles

    DKK 247.00

  6. Footprint Gamechangers 3mm Insoles

    DKK 330.00

  7. Footprint Gamechangers Insoles

    DKK 330.00

  8. Footprint Orange Camo 5mm King Foam Orthotic Insoles

    DKK 247.50

  9. Footprint Skeleton 5mm Flat Insoles

    DKK 165.00