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Carhartt started way back in 1889 and have been one of the biggest American workwear brand ever since. Making hardwearing, quality workwear which is still used by people all over the world today. Over this time, Carhartt and Work In Progress have worked together to make the transition from heavy workwear to high quality streetwear. Work in Progress carefully adapted and re-interpreted the original cuts. Since then the products have been progressively developed further, first for an active use in urban sports, and later - as Work in Progress positioned Carhartt as the largest streetwear brand in Europe - for an active city life.

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  1. Carhartt Womens Pierce Pant - Wax (Rinsed)


  2. Carhartt Womens Jonesville Coat - Black


  3. Carhartt Womens Stone Jacket - Black


  4. Carhartt Womens Prentis Liner Oversized Jacket - Wax


  5. Carhartt Womens Prentis Liner Oversized Jacket - Camo...


  6. Carhartt Carhartt Hooded Chase Sweatshirt - Quince/Gold


  7. Carhartt Nimbus Two Tone Pullover Jacket - Jaffa/Black


  8. Carhartt Nimbus Jacket - Black


  9. Carhartt Nimbus Pullover Jacket - Persimmon

    DKK1,196.00 DKK949.00

  10. Carhartt Newel Pant - Dark Navy (Rinsed)

    DKK701.00 DKK495.00

  11. Carhartt S/S College Script T-Shirt - Mulberry/White


  12. Carhartt Simple Pant - Asphalt (Rinsed)

    DKK536.00 DKK412.50

  13. Carhartt L/S Sloman Shirt - Sloman Check, Mulberry/Fawn


  14. Carhartt S/S College T-Shirt - White/Camo Laurel


  15. Carhartt Aviation Pant - Camo Laurel (Rinsed)


  16. Carhartt Clash Parka Jacket - Black

    DKK1,856.00 DKK1,485.00

  17. Carhartt Anchorage Parka Jacket - Black/Black

    DKK1,609.00 DKK1,279.00

  18. Carhartt S/S Chase T-Shirt - Mulberry/Gold


  19. Carhartt American Script T-Shirt - Hamilton Brown


  20. Carhartt American Script Sweatshirt - Hamilton Brown


  21. Carhartt American Script Sweatshirt - Grey Heather


  22. Carhartt Payton Cross Body Bag - Black/White


  23. Carhartt Flammable Bucket Hat - Blue/White

    DKK330.00 DKK165.00

  24. Carhartt Madison Logo Cap - Blue/Blast Red

    DKK247.50 DKK206.50

  25. Carhartt Madison Logo Cap - White/Ink

    DKK247.00 DKK148.50

  26. Carhartt Doctor Detroit Trucker Cap - White

    DKK247.00 DKK148.50

  27. Carhartt Robie T-Shirt - Black/White/Blast Red

    DKK412.00 DKK289.00

  28. Carhartt Nimbus Pullover Jacket - Camo Laurel


  29. Carhartt Carlos Origin 5 Panel Cap - Carlos Check/Jupiter...

    DKK247.00 DKK165.00

  30. Carhartt Flammable 5 Panel Cap - Blue/White

    DKK247.00 DKK165.00

  31. Carhartt Madison Logo Cap - Leather / Black

    DKK289.00 DKK206.50

  32. Carhartt Logo Snapback Cap - Metro Blue

    DKK247.00 DKK206.50

  33. Carhartt Payton Cross Body Bag - Camo Laurel / Black


  34. Carhartt Payton Backpack - Black / White


  35. Carhartt Payton Backpack - Camo Laurel / Black

    DKK495.00 DKK412.50

  36. Carhartt Essentials Cross Body Bag - Camo Laurel


  37. Carhartt Kickflip Skatepack - Persimmon

    DKK577.00 DKK495.00

  38. Carhartt Simple Pant - Cypress (Rinsed)

    DKK536.00 DKK412.50

  39. Carhartt Carhartt Hooded Chase Sweatshirt - Mulberry/Gold


  40. Carhartt L/S Pocket T-Shirt - Hamilton Brown

    DKK330.00 DKK247.50

  41. Carhartt John Short - Soft Rose

    DKK495.00 DKK371.50

  42. Carhartt John Shorts - Blue Iris


  43. Carhartt Womens L/S Great Master Shirt - Blue/White...

    DKK825.00 DKK660.00

  44. Carhartt Womens Robie T-Shirt - Robie...


  45. Carhartt Landlords Pin - Zinc

    DKK66.00 DKK41.50

  46. Carhartt x BIC Clic Stic Pen - White

    DKK49.50 DKK25.00

  47. Carhartt x BIC Clic Stic Pen - Green

    DKK49.50 DKK25.00

  48. Carhartt x BIC Clic Stic Pen - Black

    DKK49.50 DKK25.00