***2020*** (OFFICIAL PROMO) Bronze 56k Hardware for the Masses

Posted by Route One on 9th January 2020

A new decade may have dawned but thankfully some things can be relied upon to stay the same and the perma-radness of a Bronze 56k video is one of those!

Peter Sidlaukas’ New York based hardware-cum-lifestyle brand was responsible for churning out some of the most zeitgeist defining content of the last decade and they’ve come out all guns blazing to say they intend to take the 20’s by storm!

Clocking in at a smidge under twenty minutes and featuring all your favourite Bronze associated characters (as well as Shaun Powers), ***2020*** (OFFICIAL PROMO) (BRONZE56k HARDWARE FOR THE MASSES) *HIGH DEF* [THANKS FOR WATCHING] is every bit as sick as its title is grammatically offensive. Click play and start your year right!